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Here at Rogers Park Community Church, we call our small group ministry "Root Group.” The ministry aims to foster friendships, study the bible, and encourage practical faith in daily living.

Why should I join a Root Group?

1. To be connected.

We live in a transient city in an ever-changing world. We can easily feel rootless, isolated, and alone. Do you want to get to know other people and get connected to the community here at RPCC? Root Group is the place for you!

2. To grow in faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Our faith does not grow when we live in isolation. If you don't make your personal growth a priority nobody else will. Do you desire to go deeper in your faith? Root Group is the place for you!

Root group is a place where we can grow in our knowledge of Jesus and the Bible. When we do this, our lives are changed and we desire to: love like Jesus, live like Jesus, serve like Jesus, believe like Jesus, and lead like Jesus. Do you want to grow in knowledge and challenge yourself to be more like Jesus? Root Group is the place for you!

3. To grow in service to God in your community.

We are funnels. As we pour into others and get poured into ourselves we learn to live the life God has for us and we learn to better serve him and serve others. In that process we are encouraged, challenged, validated, corrected, and inspired. Do you want to see your gifts used in service to Jesus and to those he loves? Root Group is the place for you!

4. To establish healthy relationships in the body of Christ.

Separation from Jesus and from his people leads to emotional, spiritual, and physical sickness. Separation and isolation is not God’s design. We were designed for an honest, humble, deep relationship with God and with the people he loves. Our culture, however, is fragmented and promotes isolation. Do you want to build authentic relationships and deep friendships? Root Group is the place for you!

One Root Group hosted a free beach cookout to people stopping by at Pratt Beach.

One Root Group hosted a free beach cookout to people stopping by at Pratt Beach.

Here are the current Root Groups hosted in our neighborhood.

Wednesday Night Root Group

Meets Wednesday evenings from 7-9:00pm in the sanctuary. Studying through the book of Daniel.

Other Nights of the Week

If you are interested in leading or hosting a Root Group, contact us below!

To inquire about attending a Root Group, email and include 'Root Group' in the subject line.