Follow along with each Kids Club Jr. lesson and practice the songs with your little ones! 

Our lesson plans start at the beginning of January. Scroll down to find the current week and refer back for review.

January 5

Emphasis: Jesus had to prepare for his ministry (God’s plan).

Lesson: Matthew 4; Mark 1; Luke 4-6 
(Jesus Story book Bible, 208)


January 12

Emphasis: Jesus taught His people using stories so that they could understand them.

Lesson: Matthew 5-7
(Pre-schooler’s Bible, 288, 296)


January 19

Emphasis: God shows us how to pray because He wants us to talk with Him.

Lesson: Matthew 6
(Jesus Story book Bible, 222)


January 26

Emphasis: We don’t need to worry. God will take care of us.

Lesson: Matthew 6 & 9; Luke 12
(Jesus Story book Bible, 228)


February 2

Emphasis: Jesus looks after us and cares for us.

Lesson: John 10
(Jesus Story book Bible, 316)


February 9

Emphasis: God’s kingdom is a treasure and God treasures us.

Lesson: Matthew 13
(Jesus Story book Bible, 250)


February 16

Emphasis: Jesus loves us and is our Shepherd.

Lesson: Matthew 18; Luke 15:1-17
(Pre-schooler’s Bible, 324)


February 23

Emphasis: God forgives us when we make mistakes. He loves us.

Lesson: Luke 15:11-32
(Jesus Story book Bible, 272 or Pre-schooler’s Bible, 328)


March 2

Emphasis: Jesus loves little children. It is important to love Jesus with a heart full of trust.

Lesson: Matthew 18, 19; Mark 10; Luke 18
(Jesus Story book Bible, 256)


March 9

Emphasis: Jesus is stronger than the biggest storm.

Lesson: Mark 4; Matthew 8
(Jesus Story book Bible, 236)


March 16

Emphasis: Jesus is stronger than death.

Lesson: Luke 7:11-17
(Pre-schooler’s Bible, 292)


March 23

Emphasis: Jesus cares for the little girl and old lady. He cares for us. He is powerful.

Lesson: Luke 8
(Jesus Story book Bible, 214)


March 30

Emphasis: Jesus cares for the people listening to Him. Jesus has power.

Lesson: Matthew 14; Mark 6; Luke 9; John 6
(Jesus Story book Bible, 244)

April 6

Emphasis: Anything is possible for God. He does not have to follow the “rules” of nature.

Lesson: Matthew 14; Mark 6; John 6
(Pre-schooler’s Bible, 312)


April 13

Emphasis: Jesus is stronger than death.

Lesson: John 11
(Pre-schooler’s Bible, 332)


April 20

Emphasis: Jesus dies for our sins and rose again!

Lesson: Matthew 26-28; Mark 14-16; Luke 22-25; John 18-19
(Pre-schooler’s Bible, 364-375)

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